Farmers who inherited over a century of agricultural tradition have trudged through the paths winding through tea plantations in their hometowns, heard and read numerous stories in the tea-cultivating regions, and preserved tea culture with profound gratitude. As they believe that they are entrusted with the mission of preserving the art of tea in Taiwan, they developed tea culture in a new format, which they affectionately name "Tea Appreciation." They hope that the brand-new image will release the traditional good taste. They will prove that the interaction between the "new" and the "old" is the most profoundly interesting and meaningful essence of the TEA STRUCK brand.
on the methods passed down over a hundred years to craft the tea. They cautiously select the best leaves so that each spoonful of the tea will create a new taste by challenging and revitalizing your taste buds.
They aim to create a unique tea brand, about which they are proud, with a humble attitude.
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