1. Find the type of tea you like and make the purchase
You may use the "Search" function in our website and find the tea you want. Once you see it, you can simply click "Add to cart."
2. Review your purchase
You may use the "Cart" function on this page and review your purchase. If you would like to change the quantity or cancel this order, the "Cart" page has provided detailed instruction to help you complete the process with ease.
3. Checkout
Once you have decided to check out, please click on the order that you would like to pay for.
For domestic purchases under NT$ 2000, a shipping charge of $120 will be added to your purchase and the products will be delivered by Taiwan Pelican Express.
4. Enter your member information and select a method of payment
Please enter your member account number and password and select a method of payment.
If you have not become a member of TEA STRUCK, you may supply your information and become a member for free. After you have filled out the information, you will be directed to the checkout page.
To ensure the convenience and safety of your purchase and payment, you can use your credit card to pay online. We provide a SSL-encrypted payment environment for secure online transactions, making shopping with us fast, safe, and easy.
5. Confirming your mailing address
The webpage will display your personal information and ask you to confirm your mailing address.
(You can ship your merchandise to a third party provided that you correctly fill out the name and address of the recipient.) Confirm the method of shipment. Confirm the accuracy of the information on the invoice. After confirming the information above, please proceed to the next step.
6. Reviewing order information
The webpage will display the details of your purchase and the balance you need to pay. Please confirm these information and click "next." You will then be directed to make an online credit card payment with our bank and complete the purchase process.
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